Photo Library Help
Reorder by dragging
Change the order in which your photos display by dragging them into the desired order.

Enlarge by clicking
Simply click the photo and it will enlarge to its actual size.

The photo caption is directly under the photo. Just click the text that is there and you'll be able to edit it. If no text is present then it will say Caption.

To edit Caption, Description, and Photo Credit.
These values are searchable to make your photos easier to find.

To Crop or Rotate your photo.
Just click icon to open Crop / Rotate feature. Crop, Rotate, Or ?? as desired then click the Crop & Save button. This will replace the original image.

To remove a photo without deleting you can hide it instead.
Note that if you add a photo to a page then come here and hide it, it will continue to show on your page until you remove it.

Permanently delete your photo.
Note that if you add a photo to a page then come here and delete it, it will disappear from that page as well.

Checkbox for Bulk Deletion
Tic the checkbox next to a Delete icon to mark the photo for deletion (handy if you want to delete several photos at once), then click a Delete icon to delete all ticked photos.
To delete one photo only you can simply click the Delete icon by a photo - you do not need to tic the checkbox first.

You can save up to 200 photos

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  Reorder by dragging   |   Enlarge by clicking   |   Edit   |   Crop   |   Hide   |   Delete Save up to 200 photos